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Overall Brand Strategy Consultation - Developing a brand narrative and creating the overall plan to reach your target audience and brand goals

Campaign Support - Custom level of support for a specific campaign (ie. Gala, 5k, Social Blitz, etc)


Content Generation - Finding the appropriate content and voice to convey your brand strategy


Website Design - Build the perfect website to reach your audience. Custom designed specifically for your brand!

Social Media Control - Strategic implementation (posting, responding & analytics) using consistent voice on appropriate social media platforms

Digital Advertising - Creation and execution of compelling advertising campaign targeted to reach your ideal consumer 


Marketing Strategy - Building effective plan to market your brand and make the best use of your budget


Media Outreach/Fielding Media Requests - Pitching appropriate content to media outlets; Responding to incoming inquiries


Creating PR and Media Materials - Using a consistent voice in all media and marketing materials; Providing talking points and tips for media coverage to effectively convey your brand’s story; Writing press releases; One-on-one interview coaching


Event Planning & Support - Custom levels of event management anywhere from building your event from scratch, to publicizing your already existing event


Networking & Executive Leadership Platforms - Developing mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses; Identifying events, conferences and trades to profile your business and expand your network.



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