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develop your brand first

Here's the story of two women who had a vision of creating a boutique brand consulting agency that would give business owners the customized one-on-one attention they needed to grow their business. They figured they would build up their client database first, and then focus on their logo/website/branding later. Insert palm to forehead emoji.

Spoiler alert, those two women were us, Kim and Aly. We wanted to jump straight into brand building without building our own brand first. It wasn't until we attended a Her Corner networking event where the founder and overall badass, Kimbe Burger called us out. "Why would someone invest in you if you haven't invested in yourself first?" Mic drop, indeed. It was at that moment that we realized we needed to slow down and focus on bringing our vision to life complete with a business plan, brand guide, logo, website, and all the other details that go into starting a business from scratch. We now are so confident to pitch to potential clients because we put the time into building something that we are proud of.

Moral of the story: Do the work. Bring your vision to life. Hustle. Then present the finished product to your target audience,

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