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why you should switch to a business profile

From purchasing products to gathering analytics, it is now more important than ever for everyone from small businesses to corporations to celebrities and nano influencers to make the switch to an Instagram business profile.

1. First Impression Is Key: There is something to be said about that first click on your profile. Before a user clicks "follow" they first give your landscape a quick glance. Having a business profile allows the potential follower/client/consumer to see more information up front like your contact information and how you categorize your business. It shows a sense a professionalism and that you take your brand seriously.

2. Analytics: This is one of the main reasons we encourage our clients to make the business profile switch. A business account gives you the ability to access built-in insights about your account and its performance.

3. Advertising: This is another big bonus to the business profile. Social media advertising is a fantastic way to increase your reach, target your audience and better navigate the overall (and ever changing) Instagram algorithm.

4. Tag your products: Consumers can shop directly through your Instagram feed if you are set up for a business profile. According to sprout social: 46% of users make a purchase after seeing it on Instagram (we are both guilty of this!)- so take advantage of this feature and build a shop within Instagram.

Optimize your content and take advantage of the benefits switching to a business profile has to offer. Have more questions on how to boost your brand on social media? Send us an e-mail!


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