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Hello, and welcome to the launch of our blog! While of course you can find us all over social (cue casual mention of all social handle links: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) we thought it would be fun to have a home-base; from our ventures with clients, to business tips, and to some day-to-day stuff thrown in as well. Yes, we will include pictures of our adorable children too. How could we not? While you can read more about our professional background here, below are some random facts and tidbits about who we are outside of k+a and as Kim and Aly:

1. What brand do you think does a great job with their branding?

What Kim says: Disney

What Aly says: Trader Joe’s

2. When you aren’t working on k+a, what are you doing?

What Kim says: Playing with my 3 and 1 year olds.

What Aly says: Running on the treadmill or running after my two boys (3 and 9 months)

3. What is your coffee order?

What Kim says: Carmel Macchiato

What Aly says: Oat Milk Latte

4. What are you favorite social media accounts to follow (besides our clients of course)?

What Kim says: @celestebarber @thehomeedit

What Aly says: @mytherapistsays @buzzfeednews

5. What is your guilty pleasure?

What Kim says: Any episode of Friends, anytime.  I also might be the only person who still watches Grey’s Anatomy. Plus, sweet tarts and sugar cookies.

What Aly says: Same with Friends. Don’t bother asking how many times Kim and I send each other Friends trivia. Also, real housewives, skincare products, and red wine.

Have a question for us? Interested in our services? Send us an e-mail here!


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